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Board of Trustees

Kristen Skinner

Chair (Independent, Voting)

Wells Fargo Advisors

Traies Roe

Vice Chair (Independent, Voting)

National Community Renaissance

Heather Frazee

Secretary (Independent, Voting)


Fannie Hillman & Associates

Laurren  Lunsford

(Independent, Voting)

Director of Finance, 


Cathy Melendez

 Treasurer (Independent, Voting)

Boystown of Central Florida

Polly Petz

(Independent, Voting)

Pastor, Community of Christ Church

Hannah Speece

(Independent, Voting)



Daniel E. Smith, Esquire

(Independent, Voting)

Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos

Pia Valvassori, PhD, ARNP

(Independent, Voting)

Health Care Center for the Homeless

Amanda Wilson

(Independent, Voting)

Department of Children & Families

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